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Adding a property is straight forward, we are broken it down into a few steps.

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Enter amount without currency

Enter amount without currency

Before Price Label (e.g. "from")

After Price Label (e.g. "per month")

Input for videos, audios from Youtube, Vimeo and all supported sites by WordPress. It has preview feature.

Input iframe to show 360° Virtual Tour.


Allow upload file have size < 0.8 MB and maximum number of files: 10

Enable Google Map

You need to register Google API Key, then put the key in plugin setting.

Enter built year

Enter number of Parking

Enter number of bedrooms

Enter number of bathrooms

Enter size of Plot as 20x30, 20x30x40, 20x30x40x50

Enter size of area in sqft

Enter Orientation of property

Enter Number of Living Rooms

Enter Number of Kitchens

Enter Number of Amount Rooms

Facility 1

Apartment 1

Floor 1


Allow upload file have size < 0.5 MB and maximum number of files: 1

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